Experts: President needs charisma and a plan to sway voters

It's show time for President Obama at the Democratic National Convention.

Unfortunately for him, he's got some tough acts to follow.

"He's had two speakers in the previous two nights that have energized the crowd; his wife on the first night and President Clinton last night," observed Dr. Charles Moran, chair of the political science department at Rockhurst University.

So the pressure's on to perform for the crowd.

"They want to see him energized, they want to see if he can energize the crowd the way he did in Denver four years ago in a big stadium," Moran said.

On the other hand, the chair of the Missouri Democratic Party thinks President Obama has an advantage against his competition.

"At the RNC, they tolerate Mitt Romney as their candidate, but at the end of the day they're not overly energized about Mitt Romney as their candidate," Mike Sanders said.

But the president will have to combine charisma with a solid plan if he wants to win over a public wearied by a slow economic recovery from the recession.

"He's got to talk about dealing with the deficit, he's got to talk about balancing the budget...and give us hope," Moran said.

Sanders is optimistic.

"Look I think he has a clear plan, a clear path to victory. He's consistently, by every poll, shown ahead," he said. "When it comes to electoral votes, that's the case...I think ultimately he's going to be the victor in November of 2012."

But Moran said Obama will win only if he convinces the public that he can lead us forward.

"I think it has to be looking forward. I don't think he wants to refresh our memories of what's happened in the past three and a half years," he said.

Still, there are some signs that things are starting to look up, and that may help boost the president's image.

But there's one thing you probably won't see.

"I don't think they'll pull out the empty chair tonight," Moran speculated.

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