President Obama visits Parkville before heading to KCI

PARKVILLE, Mo. - When President Barack Obama stops by there's no doubt word spreads quickly.

"We ran over leaving lunch behind and everything else running over to come see the president,” Caroline Bennett, a Parkville resident, said.

The president’s stop at the Parkville Coffeehouse early Wednesday afternoon turned the city's main street into something you'd see outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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"It's really weird because you never think that you're going to meet the president or get this close to the president," Sydney Patterson, a student at Park University, said.

Workers at the coffeehouse received little notice of the president’s visit.

"He kind of just turned around the corner, and we saw him. It's very different seeing him in real life," Tyler McCall, owner of Parkville Coffee, said.

Besides tasting some exotic coffees, President Obama also bought an iced earl grey tea and picked up the tab for customers’ refills.

"It's not that often that the president buys you a cup of coffee," he said.

Minutes later, the president walked up the quaint main street and stopped by Peddlers Wagon, a quilt and gift shop.

"It smells kind of good in here, you got some candles burning huh,” President Obama quipped.

Inside he chatted with employees while outside onlookers tried to get a chance to meet him in person.

Nearly two dozen people were lucky enough.

"It was wonderful. It was fun," Linda Arnold, a Parkville resident who shook the president's hand, said.

But other folks were satisfied with a glimpse of the presidents as he left for the airport.

"It was really cool he was waving at us we were like, yay! Hi," Bennett said.

The White House has not said why the president chose to visit Parkville.

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