Some polling places experience issues on Election Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When the polls opened Tuesday morning, some voters felt their poll workers weren't prepared.

Daniel Hannes of Kansas City, Mo., said when he showed up at the National Archives voting location at 6 a.m., the ballot box wasn't locked, privacy folders weren't being used and the poll workers seemed untrained.

At Blue Ridge Church of Christ, Mike Radaugh said there were a handful of voters who showed up that early, but had to wait 20 minutes because the electronic voting machine had not been turned on and needed time to boot up.

Radaugh said the workers also had problems scanning drivers licenses, so poll workers had to input information manually.

Shelly McThomas of the Jackson County Election Board said some poll workers can have trouble using the technology-based system, which now includes iPads for registration.

She said all of the problems have been fixed and things are running smoothly.

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