Speculation over Sebelius sparks email donation campaign from Kansas Republican Party

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One week after Kathleen Sebelius resigned as Health and Human Services Secretary, The New York Times reports say she might return to her political roots. They report she might challenge Pat Roberts for his U.S. Senate seat.

Kansas voters elected her twice as the Kansas Governor before she left for Washington. But according to a phone poll taken in February by the Public Policy Polling, Sebelius trailed Senator Roberts by 11 percent.

Leroy Towns is Senator Roberts’ campaign manager and he's not surprised by the possibility.

"She and her former boss Obama and Obamacare are just politically toxic in this state," Towns said. "I think it's more of an attempt by her to massage her bruised ego than it is anything serious."
Even members of the Kansas Democratic Party including her possible primary opponent, Chad Taylor, aren't surprised.

"If the secretary is going to enter this race then you know we look forward to, we look forward to her entering it and look forward to lively debate," Towns said.

Robert's primary opponent Milton Wolf said in a statement, "Pat Roberts won't be able to draw much contrast between himself and Kathleen Sebelius. After all, he wanted to put her in charge of American's healthcare. He gave her two critical votes for her confirmation and spearheaded the effort to get her confirmed."

The Kansas Republican Party wasted no time to use the news to raise money. The party sent out an email to donors asking for a contribution to "Stop the Sebelius Effort.'

Sebelius has a couple weeks to decide; the deadline to file for the primary is in June.

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