Town hall debate: Independent voters in KC have yet to make up their minds

Even after Tuesday night's debates many Independent voters are still undecided.

Both campaigns are zeroed in on those Independent voters. We watched the debate with two undecided Kansas City voters. Trish Steen and John Martin are both registered Independents.

Both voted for Obama back in 2008, but now Steen can't make up her mind and Martin is leaning toward Romney.

After Tuesday's debate, not much has changed.

"I'm still on the fence. I just really don't know who to believe, who to trust," said Steen.

She would liked to have heard a question directed at Governor Romney's tax plan. She wants more specifics. She is still unsure if she is ready to give up on Obama.

"Four years isn't going to get us out of the hole and sometimes I want to give Obama that extra... my backing, but I'm not sure, is he really cut out to do it?" said Steen.

Both did agree they liked the town hall format better and that the questions were coming from the audience.

"I'm much more happy with this debate even though I was happy with the last debate just because I wanted to hear more about what Romney had to say because we've had four years of Obama, so I was more interested in the last debate hearing what Mitt Romney is all about," said Martin.

Martin isn't convinced Obama has what it takes.

"I don't necessarily believe that a career politician is necessarily an economist. I believe that Mr. Romney knows what it takes to get business going," said Martin.

Steen wants to wait until the next debate before making up her mind. Martin is more confident he might vote for Romney.

"I could be swayed, but I'm not sure what would do it to be honest with you because I would have to regain a whole lot more faith and trust in our current President," said Martin.

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