Baxter Springs residents work to recover important documents

BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. - The rubble of Baxter Springs looks much like heaps of wood, metal, glass and other materials. At a closer look, there are also important documents including pieces of paper that are car titles and medical records that blew away.

Now the city and state are trying to help residents get their paperwork back in order.

The Department of Motor Vehicles had extended hours Tuesday and Wednesday from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. for driver's licenses and car title replacements.

Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves said the Health Department is trying to help WIC recipients recover vouchers.

The Kansas Attorney General has deployed consumer protection team to ensure the contractors in the city have correct permits to cut back on possible fraud.

"Unfortunately in this type of situation where everything is important all at once and so sometimes you don't think some of these issues like replacing your driver’s licenses, your car titles, things of that nature, birth certificates and so that is very important," Groves said.

For information on how to recover tax returns, you can contact the Kansas Department of Revenue at 785-368-8222.



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