Driver's license costs differ from county to county

DERBY, Kan. - Your driver's license is a state-issued card. Many in Kansas are now asking why it costs more for them to get it renewed at an office in the next county as opposed to the one down the street.

Driver's license offices run by Harvey, Butler and Sumner counties charge from $10 to $20 more for non-residents looking to skip the long lines in Wichita.

"I didn't feel like I was creating any more work for them, so I was curious on why there was an additional fee because I'm asking for a state of Kansas driver's license, not a Harvey county driver's license," Derby, Kan., resident Jennifer Miller said.

Offices run by the state like the ones in Wichita and Andover do not charge this fee.

Several other neighboring county offices like Kingman and Harper also do not charge the fee.

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