Johnson County primary race decided by a coin toss

MERRIAM, Kan. - After a snowy primary with low voter turnout, a coin had to break the tie of a Merriam city council race.

Even though dozens of voters trekked through the snow, it ended up being the advance ballots that called the city council race into question.

Julianne Clark easily won with a whopping 38 votes, but incumbent John Crabtree and candidate Jim Wymer tied with 25.

"I think we were both on the edge of our seat," laughed Crabtree about the quick coin toss Monday morning. "I don't think I've ever watched a coin so much in my life."

"It was a gamble," laughed Wymer. "I figure if I won, I would do my best to do good. If I didn't, I would try to go on with my life."

"I called heads, it landed tails," said Crabtree. The gamble of a coin toss had unseated the incumbent.

"Well, I guess I'll have to get campaigning!" said Wymer.

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