Intoxicated man urinates on seats during movie at Leawood theater

LEAWOOD, Kan. - Moviegoers got more than they bargained for in a Johnson County theater Sunday night.
Authorities said an intoxicated man urinated on several seats inside the AMC Theater in Leawoond during a showing of Temptation.

People in the theater said no one cleaned up the mess for more than 45 minutes.

"I was in shock. I really was," moviegoer Angelina Aviles said. "Nothing has ever happened like that. I was speechless."
No charges have been filed, but police did give the man a ticket for urinating in public.

AMC released the following statement Monday night:

"Last night, a guest urinated at the top of the stairs in a Town Center 20 auditorium. Once notified, AMC associates responded immediately to assess the situation and notify police. The guest was removed from the auditorium. For the safety of all our guests, the auditorium was closed and the area was professionally cleaned. As guests exited the auditorium, we apologized for the unfortunate incident, as we always want our guests to have a great time at our theatres, and we offered all guests passes; no guest was refused. Today we've been in contact with one guest who did not receive compensation last night and we have offered him passes with our apologies. We are happy to do the same for any guests who did not receive passes or a refund last night."

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