Lenexa neighbors protest proposed Grinders, future still uncertain

LENEXA, Kan. - Lenexa City Council members voted Tuesday night to send the proposal of a new Grinders restaurant at 103rd and Pflumm back to the planning commission.

More than a hundred fed up residents packed the council chamber and the lobby outside in protest of the restaurant because of concerns about noise, crowds and parking.

Initial plans called for 24 outside events a year that could have as many 300 people in attendance and last until midnight on weekends.

Debbie Ball lives right across the street from the location and said if the restaurant moves in, the neighbors will move out.

"I think you're going to see a lot of for sale signs in our neighborhood if that happens," Ball said. "We have a lot of families with kid,s and when you got people walking around your neighborhood late at night, it's just not really conducive to safety."

Despite disagreements among the council members, the issue will move to the March 4 planning meeting, which will have an opportunity for public comment.

Grinders owner STRETCH said he plans on meeting with neighbors prior to that meeting to explain his intentions and assure the community that there will be no problems with noise, parking or crowds.

"I love the passion behind everybody, but they're not listening to what we we're saying," STRETCH said. "They haven't had a chance to hear what we're saying. They're listening to one neighbor that's crying."

Ball said it would have been better to have that meeting in advance rather than after the fact.

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