Open carry supporters celebrate in Lenexa

LENEXA, Kan. - Supporters of open carry in Kansas held a picnic Sunday celebrating their ability to openly carry guns in parts of Johnson County.

"This is a celebration picnic," said Michael Kerner, of the Libertarian Party of Kansas. "We can now open carry in Lenexa."

The Libertarian Party of Kansas threatened to sue Kansas cities for the right to open carry. Both Lenexa and Overland Park have changed their laws. Now, the organization is focused on Prairie Village, Kansas City, Kan., and Leawood.

"Either they're going to change their mind, or a judge is going to change it for them," Kerner said. "The law is on our side. It doesn't give them a choice."

Loren Stanton disagrees with the group's stance on open carry. Stanton is the founder of the Gun Violence Prevention Project.

"You're carrying a gun on your hip that's level with the child. That seems wrong," Stanton said.

Stanton does agree that the state allows open carry, but believes cities should have more power. He's proud that Leawood, and his hometown of Prairie Village, are fighting open carry.

"The vast majority of citizens in Prairie Village and Leawood are against open carry and don't want to see it," Stanton said.

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