Overland Park mothers start babysitting co-op

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - For busy moms, childcare can be both costly and inconvenient.  A group of Overland Park, Kan. mothers have figured out a convenient way to have free, reliable babysitters.

Tausha Torrez is one of 10 moms who are in a baby-sitting co-op. Each mom has a day and time they babysit every week.

Torrez's shift is from 9 a.m. until noon every Friday. The other members can drop off their kids and turn in their tickets, which is stamped with either an hour or a half hour.  Each member is given 30 hours each year.

During any other time of the week, Torrez can drop her kids off with other members and redeem her tickets. "It's a wanted commodity," she said.

The service provides the mother of three some kid-free time, along with a peace of mind.

"It got me through a Master's degree. I can drop my one child off at 9 o'clock, run out to Lawrence and catch a 10 o'clock class, and be back to pick up my kid at noon," she adds.

Torrez started her babysitting co-op seven years ago.

Kelly Mulliner and her three boys joined the group back in July after moving to the area from California.

"This was the hugest help for me because just finding people to watch your kids is really hard if you're new to an area," Mulliner said.

For these co-op moms having a safe loving home for their children is priceless. The fact that it costs nothing only fortifies the sisterhood and special friendships that are formed along the way.

To read the co-ops rules here: http://bit.ly/1ekWPa5

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