Bus rates in Johnson County could go up

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - If you ride the bus in Johnson County, it could cost you more this year.

The Johnson County Transit held a public meeting Thursday night to announce its proposed fare increases.

Beginning April 15, the cash fare for the Route 812 JO Flex would cost $1.25 more -- raising the total fare to $2.25.

Other buses would also increase in price including the K-10 connector. While currently at $3, the fare would be raised to $3.50

All other JO routes would cost 25 cents more.

10-ride passes are also proposed to go up May 1. The Route 812 JO Flex would double in price to $20. The K-10 connector would cost $31.50 instead of its current rate of $27.

Transit officials said these increases -- if passed -- would help generate $90,000 in additional revenue for The JO. Fares currently account for approximately 16 percent of the revenue for operating The JO.

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