Police identify victims killed in Lenexa triple shooting

LENEXA, Kan. - Police have identified two men found fatally shot in a Lenexa home Wednesday night.

According to the incident report, officers arrived at the home within four minutes. But 42 hours later, officers are still investigating the first homicides of the year in Lenexa, Kan.

The victims are 78-year-old Clifford E. Preston and his 47-year-old step-son Brian Stewart Baskind. (EDITOR'S NOTE: There have been two spellings listed of Brian's last name. Baskind is what is listed on the incident report from the Lenexa Police.)

Police said the father and step-son were shot and killed Wednesday night. Another man was wounded and called the police shortly after 10 p.m.

Police have been recovering evidence at the home ever since.

Officers said they might be here through the weekend.

Former KC Police homicide detective David Bernard said the unusual amount of time it’s taking for police to process this crime scene could indicate its complexity.

In his 21 years of investigating homicides, there was one case where Bernard and his colleagues collected 12,000 pieces of evidence.

Lenexa Police are also waiting for autopsy results which may be another reason why it’s taking police a while to wrap up.

“You don’t want to release it and then get a surprise or something that you didn’t know about and have to get a warrant to go back in,” Bernard said. “A lot of departments make it policy to hold it until they get the autopsy results. Autopsy says, ‘Hey, you’re good to go, it doesn’t reveal any surprises.’ Everything has been collected and you’re done.”

Police said they are not looking for a suspect at this point. Police will also not confirm nor deny that the lone survivor recovering at the hospital is their suspect. 

Baskind's employer, Aristocrat Motors and Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City, released a statement: 

On the loss of Brian Baskin

The entire Aristocrat Motors and Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City family grieve the loss of our colleague, Brian Baskin.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brian’s family at the loss of both Brian and his step-father, Clifford Preston.

Brian touched the lives of his co-workers as well as his customers and all of us have experienced a tremendous loss.  Brian was a valued employee, but he was also an important member of our family, we will miss him greatly.

Aristocrat Motors

Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City 

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