Autopsy on 20-month-old KCK child inconclusive

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The coroner's office completed an autopsy on the 20-month-old child who died early Sunday morning.

Police found the boy in an apartment complex unresponsive around 1 a.m.

The autopsy came back inconclusive leaving many with questions about how the child died.

A neighbor came to Colleen Hanson's door looking for a phone early Sunday morning.

“The guy just came up the stairs that night and said, ‘I need help. Can I use your guys’ phone?” Hanson said.

The little boy was in the apartment below Hanson’s.

“As far as my cousin knew, he said he went down there and the baby was kind of foaming out the side of his mouth and bleeding. He picked him up and he felt real limp and they carried him out. I just wanted to start crying,” Hanson said.

The child went to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Hanson said the neighbor believed it may have been an allergic reaction.

“As far as I know, they said they fed him eggs but cops wouldn't say nothing (sic) about what's going on. I don't know, it's just upsetting. I've got two, three, five and six-- all girls-- upstairs and I just couldn't imagine it happening to one of my kids and it's really sad,” she said.

Police took one man into custody for unrelated charges. They hope a toxicology report will give more conclusive information about the boy's death.

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