BPU: Electrocution investigation findings could come Wednesday

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A spokesman for the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities tells 41 Action News that the power company could make the results of its investigation into a weekend electrocution public as early as tomorrow.

David Mehlhaff, BPU's chief communications officer, said members of the company's leadership held a two-hour meeting Tuesday afternoon to discuss the investigation thus far, and have another meeting planned for later Tuesday.

Meanwhile, officials from the Wyandotte Unified Government and the sheriff's office have been conducting parallel investigations of their own, with all the agencies updating one another by conference call, an official involved said.

At the center of the investigation: Why did no one from BPU or law enforcement respond to multiple 911 calls on Saturday afternoon about a downed, and potentially dangerous, live power line at Rosedale Park?

Several attendees of a disc golf tournament held at the park on Saturday told 41 Action News that they called 911, or the power company, in the afternoon and evening. Power company officials are attempting to determine if and when they received information about the downed line.

Eleven hours after the line came down, 27-year old Nicholas Moeder stepped on it while playing disc golf in the park at 3 a.m., using light-up discs. The line was still live, and Moeder was fatally electrocuted. Another man with him suffered minor injuries from the live wire.

BPU says it normally responds to downed live power lines within 30 minutes of receiving notification of the problem.

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