Day care parents in KCK win battle to keep parole office from opening nearby

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - After objections from parents, the Kansas Department of Corrections has decided not to locate its parole office near a day care in the Argentine neighborhood in Kansas City, Kan.

At a meeting Wednesday night at the south branch library of Kansas City, Kan., parents and concerned citizens listened to details about the proposed new location.

Corrections leaders and KCK Public Safety are in talks to have the office for parolees to check-in inside the new police department that is under construction.

Some residents like the idea of having parolees reporting inside a police station. Other neighbors objected saying even though the check-in office  would not be next to at day care, it is still in an area where children are walking to and from school and playing outside and could be at risk to predators going to the police station.

There will be additional neighborhood meetings before a final decision is made. 

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