Electrocution report regarding Shawnee man's death leaves more questions than answers

SHAWNEE, Kan. - A highly-anticipated report on the June electrocution death of a Shawnee, Kan., man Nicholas Ryan Moeder released Wednesday revealed Kansas's electric utility Board of Public Utilities had received multiple calls about a potentially dangerous downed power line in Rosedale Park – one of more than 30 lines taken down by a sudden summer storm on June 15th.

The report says BPU received three calls about the downed line on Saturday, out of more than 500 calls that came in to its outage reporting line. The utility says more than 30 lines came down across its coverage area that day and that crews worked through the night Saturday and Sunday to repair them.

Left unanswered in the two-page release is why the line at Rosedale Park, which was hosting a national disc golf tournament that weekend and was set to reopen early Sunday morning, was not a higher priority for a quick repair, and why power to the line was not turned off in the nearly twelve hours it was dangling, live in a public park.

"It is very unfortunate that we did not respond in a time frame that could have possibly prevented this tragedy," the release said.

A BPU spokesman, citing ongoing lawsuits relating to the case, declined to answer further questions.

One of those lawsuits is being pursued by Wanda Christensen, Moeder's mother, who has filed paperwork citing her intention to sue BPU for the wrongful death of her son.

Christensen's lawyer Chad Beaver told 41 Action News he was dissatisfied by the information provided by BPU relating to the incident so far, including today's report. He said Moeder's mother has been devastated by her son's death and is anxious for more answers.

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