Homeowners, KCK split cost of repairs to fix curbs, sidewalks

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Spring is here and that means road projects are about to begin. In many cities around the metro, that can include not only streets but also sidewalk and curb repair.

About five years ago, Kansas City, Kan., started a voluntary program to reinvest in infrastructure called the “50/50 program” where the cost of repair is split between the city and the homeowner.

The Director of Public Works Robert Roddy calls the program a success.

"This gives people the ability to vote with their own dollars or their own effort," Roddy said. "Although they see the need for the curb, I think they see more benefit in replacing the sidewalk."

The city also encourages those homeowners to partner with their neighbors, which brings down costs.

"For example, if we have five houses that are contiguous that want to have a new section of sidewalk, we will give them more per square foot," Roddy said.

Once a homeowner or group of neighbors fills out an application for the program, they get to choose the contractor. Then, the city inspects the project before and after.

To apply for the program online, click here.

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