KCK man living proof 'hands-only' CPR is a life-saving technique

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Kaill Peoples of Kansas City, Kan., is living proof that hands-only CPR is a live-saving technique.

Peoples suffered a heart attack last month at work at Boulevard Auto and Truck Repair.

"I was talking to Bill and I started getting dizzy," he said.

Bill Fronce and his brother, Mark, immediately raced to his side.

"I started CPR while my brother went and called 911.  After a few seconds, my brother came back and he took over CPR," Fronce said.

Hands-only CPR is a more streamlined technique to help someone whose heart has stopped. Unlike traditional CPR, hands-only does not require breathing for the victim. It only requires chest compressions.  You simply inter-lock your hands, place your palms at the base of the victim's sternum and begin pushing about 200 compressions per minute.  You should also push hard; two-inch compressions are recommended.

When emergency workers arrived, they took over CPR and rushed Peoples to the hospital.  A month later, Peoples returned to work grateful to hands-only CPR and his two co-workers.

"They're great guys and they will do anything they can for you. I'm happy they kept me from croaking," Peoples said.

Now, all employees at Boulevard Auto and Truck Repair have been trained to do hands-only CPR.

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