KCK mother charged with trying to drown girls placed on suicide watch

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) - A Kansas mother accused of trying to drown her two young children was placed on suicide watch a day after being charged.

Johnna Green, 23, was charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder on Thursday. She made her first appearance on Friday via a live video feed in the judge's chambers.

During the hearing, Green sat running her hands through her hair and showing no emotion. She said little beyond "thank you, judge" in the brief court date before walking off screen, which showed she was barefoot.

She is being held in the medical unit.

Officials from the Wyandotte County Sheriff's office say inmates housed there have some sort of sickness that requires daily monitoring, medication or therapy -- including mental illness.

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Prosecutors charged Green on Thursday with trying to drown her two children, identified only by their initials JT and JG. The sisters, ages 1 and 4, were last said to be in critical condition at a local hospital. The results of a custody hearing Friday morning are sealed.

The family has hired former Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison to represent Green. His co-counsel, John DeMarco, came to Friday's first appearance. 

"These cases often times have more to them than what they appear, and we're just making sure she gets a fair trial and a fair shake," DeMarco said.

The case will next appear on the docket on Tuesday.

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