KCK neighbors call elected official a 'slumlord'

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Neighbors in the Argentine neighborhood in Kansas City, Kan.,  fighting to get several homes in better shape were surprised when they found out who owned the two they consider the biggest eyesores.

South 35th Street is notorious for people who live in the Argentine neighborhood and it's not for its good looks.

"That's got to be our worst one that's it,” Patricia Dunn said, who heads the Southwest Argentine Neighborhood Group.

She says in every monthly meeting, someone complains about homes along the street.

"It makes our property value go down," she said.

There is one home along the street that receives the most complaints.  She says many who live next door are afraid to talk to the people who rent the home.

41 Action News discovered that home is owned by Kansas Senator Pat Pettey.

During a phone conversation, she said most of the issues are the responsibility of her renters.

"We're trying to maintain them at the best level that they can and we're meeting the level of a rental license and if ever our properties have a code violation we comply," she said.

"If you talk to the neighbors over there they'll say differently you know," Mario Escobar said, who works for the Unified Government's Housing Task Force. "They've called the police several times on different occasions about those individuals."

Each of the senator's six properties passed the last renters inspection nearly four years ago.

Pettey said she and her husband owned the homes for the past seven months.

The rental license is still under the previous' owners name.

Anne Murguia is the commissioner for the district.

"Pettey used to serve on the commission with me and this rental license, moving and code enforcement have always been a big issue," she said.

Dunn has one word for it: “slumlord.”

"I've had people tell me, ‘Oh there's people like that in other places,’ well there probably is, but are they next to you?" she said.

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