KCK police search for 'dangerous' man involved in drug-related homicide

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Kansas City, Kan ., police have arrested one man and are searching for another they say is responsible for burning a man alive in a car.

Officers said Adam Smith, 35, and Rafeeq Rahmen, 32, both of Kansas City, Mo., torched a car in the 200 block of Greeley Avenue around 11 p.m. on December 8, with 62-year-old James Jackson still inside.

Police are still searching for Rahmen.

Jackson may have burned to death inside the car, according to preliminary reports. The final autopsy report is not yet complete.

District Attorney Jerome Gorman said Smith, Rahmen and Jackson all knew each other. Smith and Jackson are related, but officials would not share how.

The Kansas Highway Patrol pulled Jackson over near Topeka the day before he was found dead. Gorman said he was arrested and a sizable amount of cocaine was taken from him. He was later released.

Gorman said he believes Smith and Rahmen were upset with Jackson losing the drugs, and in return, lit his car on fire, with him inside.

Smith and Rahmen are charged with first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, arson and conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Rahmen, who previously went by the name Howard Hickman, you are asked to call the Homicide Hotline at 913-573-6030 or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

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