NASCAR fans don't mind weather, security at Kansas Speedway

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Diehard NASCAR fans said whatever the weather - or extra security measures - nothing will stop them from having a great time out at the Kansas Speedway this weekend.

"It's NASCAR, it doesn't matter if it's snowing right now - we're not leaving," said Kansas native Chris Holle.

On Thursday afternoon, Chris and Brandy Holle were setting up their camper in the wind, rain and mud, but they said it will be worth it to them to see some great racing.

They didn't mind the extra time it took to get through security measures, either.

"It makes me feel safe being here," Brandy Holle said. "Plus, NASCAR people are good people."

Long lines of RV's and campers coming into the Speedway were checked by police officers and K9 units Thursday. Speedway officials said the current security standards have been in place since just after September 11, 2001, and fans agree they're necessary.

"Everything going on in the world, it's crazy," Christina Schmidt said, adding that she and her friends talked about recent events and tragedies in the U.S. on their seven-hour drive from South Dakota.

Kerby Duhon works for NASCAR driver Kyle Busch. He said he knows race weekend draws big crowds, and he appreciates the security.

"Anything can happen anywhere, so we always keep an eye on what's going on around us and the fans," Duhon said. "You never know."

NASCAR fan Theresa Penning said she was pleased with the level of security at the Speedway.

"There was a drug dog  that circled our camper and checked inside, it kind of makes you feel safe," she said.

But security isn't the only thing fans have on their minds.

"We're passionate about our drivers, and this is the ultimate experience," Penning added.

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