KCK neighborhood gets its first supermarket after nearly a decade

Residents gain access to fresh food, produce

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Argentine neighborhood in Kansas City, Kan., is getting its first supermarket in nearly a decade.

For most people, the trip to the grocery is a short one. But for Hilary Loya, it's a luxury. Getting to the grocery store is a challenge for her.

"There isn't any place," Loya said. "It's hard whether it's winter or summer."

The nearest supermarket is a couple miles away, which may not seem so far, but the 84 year-old tries not to drive too much.

"I don't drive at night either," she said.

She has a friend drive her, but she's fairly new to the area so driving in winter weather isn't easy.

This month they will both have a grocery store less than 8 blocks away

"Now we'll be able to feel safer, because it's closer. I can hardly wait, "said

Wyandotte is one of four counties in Kansas considered a food desert, while Missouri has five. That means people have to travel more than five miles to get to a supermarket.

"People don't have to eat out of a gas station anymore, where they can't get bananas or juice and milk and bread and basic products," Ann Murguia, a commissioner for the county and the president of the Argentine Neighborhood Development Association, said.

It took more than $600,000 of fundraising from community organizations to get the Save-A-Lot near 18th Street Expressway and Metropolitan Avenue.

The rest of the $3 million comes from tax dollars and loans.

For Loya, it's much more than just a new place to shop.

"It means that I don't have to travel so far and if I forget something, it's just down the street," she said. 

There will be a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony held at the Save-A-Lot on December 5 at 10 a.m.

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