New location proposed for controversial KCK parole office

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A new controversial Department of Corrections parole office may find a location to move into after all.

Wyandotte County's Unified Government Commissioner Ann Murguia said she knows how controversial this issue has been. She made a new proposal at Tuesday night’s commission meeting and she believes will be a good compromise.

Murguia suggested building the proposed parole office alongside a newly proposed $6 million police station in the Argentine area.

The Department of Corrections had originally signed a lease in the old Apple Market grocery store next to a daycare. Residents in the Turtle Hill area protested and even tried to get Kansas Lawmakers involved.

Murguia said safety shouldn't be an issue since the parole facility would be next to a police station. Plus, she said she's got proof she's not concerned about the parolees of various crimes walking in and out of the building throughout the day.             

She lives in the Argentine neighborhood. 

"In fact, the two people who live closest to the parole facility is myself and my in-laws and I know there's been some concerns about the type of offender and I have three small children, my youngest is the seven-year-old,” Murguia said. “I'm probably closer than anybody."

The new proposed site would be in the area of Argentine's new grocery store and proposed Walmart.  Commissioners will vote to study the idea Monday night. 

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