KCK apartment residents say they have no hot water, live in terrible conditions

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Residents of Central Park Towers are fed up with their living conditions.

"I've got all these bedbugs and all these mice. Water is just running everywhere. I've got backwash coming from the apartment next door. I tell them this, and they do absolutely nothing," resident Michael Love said.

On top of that, residents have not had hot water for eight days.

Phyllis Zachary said she has not had hot water in her bathroom for three months.

"I have to boil water. I can't even wash my hair, so now my hair looks like this," Zachary said.

Even if they had hot water, many are leery of using their bathtubs and showers. Besides rust and peeling paint, many of the drains are clogged.

There are holes in the baseboards, behind which mice live.

The ceilings in the main area downstairs are falling due to water coming from above.

Residents said management does not seem to care.

"People haven't had stuff fixed here. Their apartments are not fixed. They're not properly renovated. If you look around, you can see unlivable conditions, and we've been forced to live with these unlivable conditions," Bernard Gee said.

Why do they stay?

These residents said that, unfortunately, they have nowhere else to go. Central Park Tower caters to low-income elderly and disabled people who are eligible for federal Section 8 rent subsidies.

"We can't afford to pack up and leave, so we're forced to deal with the living conditions here because we're poor," Gee said.

They said that should not matter because they pay rent, and like anyone else, deserve a sanitary place to live.

Residents said they have contacted several government agencies, and none have responded to their pleas.

41 Action News left phone messages and emails Saturday for P.K. Management, the company that manages the building. No messages were returned.

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