Search for dogs in dangerous attack continues


KCK Police were able to capture the second dog involved in attacks earlier this week. A third one is still on the loose.


Police have received a handful of tips as they search for the two dogs that attacked three men earlier this week.

Riley Carter was just out right here on his front yard when he was attacked.

"It was a life-changing experience made me look at life a whole lot different," he said.

He's had one surgery and has one more to go.

"It sounds funny," he said, "you got jumped by dogs, but hey, I prefer to fight six men then to fight two dogs.”

KCK police are on the dog hunt. They've been looking out for strays within the five blocks where two other men were also attacked.  But with so many strays on the loose, finding the dogs had been a challenge.

Police think the other two could belong to the same owner.

Now the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City is stepping in.

"What makes a dog aggressive is not its breed or how it is with other dogs. It's how it's treated when they're owned," Keith Wiedenkeller said, President and CEO of the Humane Society.

They're working with the city and animal control to create ordinances preventing owners from leaving their dogs on the streets or chained to a pole.

Riley says the dogs were boxers, one brindle, another brown. All he wants is rest and for the dogs to be caught.

"There's (sic) kids out here waiting for the school bus and their parents aren't even with them and they could easily take them down," he said. 

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