Lawrence asks for time to comply with new gun law

LAWRENCE, Kan. - City commissioners in Lawrence voted Tuesday night to ask for a six-month exemption to the state's new concealed-carry gun law.

The law requires all municipalities in Kansas to open public buildings to concealed-carry license holders, or install security measures that would keep out all guns. 
Those measures would include metal detectors and secure entrances, and the staff to man them.
Schools and university campuses are exempted 
Tuesday's unanimous vote by city commissioners gives the city until January 2014 to decide which of its 47 public buildings will allow concealed carry, and which will have to add security measures. 
The city attorney estimated that buying a metal detector and staffing it with two police officers or private security guards could cost $84,000 per building, or more if the buildings themselves need to be modified to fit the metal detectors. 
The Lawrence city manager David Corliss will review the costs in his 2014 budget. On Tuesday he said it was likely most buildings would allow concealed carry, rather than go through with expensive renovations. 
"We're not going to be able to put metal detectors and somebody to operate them in all our facilities. It's not gonna happen," Corliss said.
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