Young mother killed when power line touches her in Leavenworth

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. - Leavenworth police said a young mother died when power lines fell on her after her car ran into a power pole while driving to a friend's house.

Lee Stieger heard the crash and tried to help out 26-year-old Lachelle Kemp.

"There were hanging wires all across her car," Stieg said.

Stieger, along with police, believes Kemp was going back into the car for her children; her friends agree.

"Chell loved kids in general. She's always doing something with the kids," Kemp's friend April Mitchell said.

Kemp was unresponsive when police arrived. She was pronounced dead at a hospital. A 3-year-old boy and an infant girl were not harmed.

Kemp's children are now being cared for by her mother, Leah Kemp.

"We have all the family and everybody to help me out," Leah said.

A fund in Lachelle's name has been set up to help pay for funeral arrangements. If you wish to donate, you can contact the Armed Forces Bank in Leavenworth at 913-682-9090.

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