Lecompton Historical Society is on a campaign to save its post office

LECOMPTON, Kan. - In Lecompton, Kan. , they're proud of their history.

Ellen Duncan's so proud, she painted a mural on the post office wall.

"Main Street in Lecompton, about 1910, I think," she described it.

The post office is prominently featured in the street scene.

But that could change in today's Main Street Lecompton.

Paul Bahnmaier is president of the Lecompton Historical Society, and he explains "The last of June our mail carriers were notified that they had 10 days to decide whether they wanted to be transferred to Perry."

That makes people here afraid that their post office could be moved straight out of Lecompton.

Richard Thacker has had the same post office box since 1960.

"We're spoiled by being able to come up here and get the mail everyday," he admitted.

And while Perry's only 3 miles away, they say it just won't be the same.

"It's a social place. People ... look at the billboard up there and see what's going on," Ellen Thacker described the community bulletin board and the conversations that go on around it.

The possibility of losing their tiny postal station isn't popular.

"Well, I don't think it's a good idea, takes away the identity of the town," the muralist Duncan said.

And they don't understand the reasoning behind it.

"We're not a dying community like some of these post offices that they're closing and I regret that they're being closed, but this makes no sense whatsoever," Bahnmaier said.

So here in the place where they say "the civil war began", they're starting a fight, putting up signs, having meetings and contacting lawmakers.

All in the hope that they can keep their post office's door open in the 66050 zip code.

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