Merriam, Kan., changes the design of parking signs for the disabled

MERRIAM, Kan. - Merriam is the first city in the Midwest to change the design of the parking signs for the disabled.

The change started with a suggestion by Finn Buellers, a former reporter who has muscular dystrophy. He’s with the Accessible Icon Project, a group that thinks the new design is more active and engaging.

“It reflects kind of a progressive attitude toward not only modern symbols, but kind of what the older symbols may connote to some people and I think it’s the thing to do,” City of Merriam administrator Phil Lammers said.

Merriam updated its ordinance in a unanimous vote Monday night.

The new signs cost $34.50 to print. In total, Merriam plans to spend $1,000 to replace its current signs.

For now, the city is not making it mandatory for businesses to change their current signs for the disabled, but it does suggest making the change.

Local lawmakers plan to present this change to state legislators later this year. 

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