104-year-old Olathe Rotary Club member still attends weekly meetings

OLATHE, Kan. - Tom Hall is no stranger to the Olathe Rotary Club.

Nearly every week since 1937, the 104-year-old has greeted fellow members of the organization, both in Olathe and around the country.

"I've been from Washington to Hawaii. I've been to Rotary all in between," Hall said.

Besides the countless projects Hall has taken part in, he also served as president of the club in 1945.

"I have met a lot of people, a lot of great people," Hall said.

Hall is considered one of the best history books the club has, especially now, as the club celebrates its 75th anniversary.

"He has a vivid memory of what took place 75 years ago, and he's an inspiration for us all," Wes McCoy said.

How long does Hall plan to continue being part of the club?

"Until I die. They can eliminate me if they want to," Hall said.

Hall said he only remembers missing about 10 meetings in the past 75 years.

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