Contaminated gas sold at two Olathe QuikTrips

OLATHE, Kan. - Some cars in the metro are at the mechanics this afternoon after pumping contaminated gas.

Those drivers filled up at two Olathe QuikTrips, one at W. 151st and S. Brentwood Street and another on E. Santa Fe Street and S. Blackfoot Drive.

QuikTrip has removed all the contaminated gasoline and the company says a mistake is to blame for the bad batch of gas.

A spokesperson said a valve was left opened at the gas terminal. That open valve allowed diesel to mix in with unleaded gasoline.

A driver delivered the contaminated gas to the two gas stations early Thursday morning, which was discovered late morning that day. All sales of the contaminated unleaded gasoline have been halted.

The company brought in trucks to remove all the gas from the tanks and by 11 p.m. Thursday, gasoline sales resumed at the two stations affected.

If you did pump your car with contaminated gas, QuikTrip will:

  • Pay to tow your car for repairs
  • Pay for those repairs
  • Pick up the bill for a car rental if you need one
  • Refund you the money for the bad gas then pay to fill up your fixed car with a tank of gas.
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