De Soto family desperate for answers in son's disappearance

OLATHE, Kan. - A De Soto family was back out searching on Monday, one week after their loved one disappeared.

Brad Cook, 22, was living in Olathe and disappeared a week ago.

According to his family and friends, he loved to ride his motorcycle. He and his girlfriend Sarah Greiner and Cook had just marked two and a half years of dating. They've known each other since first grade.

"I always had a crush on Brad, but I would never tell him that or else his head would get too big. He does have a big head sometimes," Greiner said.

But Greiner said he's not the type to up and leave.

"He seemed like he had a fun weekend, he hung out with his dad, he loves riding his bike," Greiner said. "When it's a nice day he's going to be on his motorcycle."

The motorcycle may now be his family's only clue; it showed up outside a shop in De Soto after he left his home in Olathe. It's not clear whether it was him on the bike, where he went, or why.

"I feel like every minute counts right now. We've been up hour after hour, we've been writing down, trying to figure out things. What are we missing here? Something is missing here," Greiner said.

Hundreds helped Cook's family search on Saturday, but nothing seemed to make sense.

"This is just out of character for him at every level," his father Jim said.

The family is asking anyone for information about him, and said they'd even be willing to go to a psychic.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department is continuing its investigation.  Tips can be sent to 913-715-5560 or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

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