Olathe school board decides future of Millcreek Center

OLATHE, Kan. - For nearly a century, the Millcreek Center has been a school, a community center, even a vocational tech school and most recently, had plans to be a church.

The building was built in 1926 as Olathe's first high school.

Initially, the school district approached the church about purchasing the property. Now, Pastor Michael Downs wonders if the district had other plans.

Downs said the church is currently at the Great Mall in Olathe and they would like to expand.

He says there's a lot of potential for his church and community outreach in the building, which is located in the heart of downtown Olathe.

But for now, the pastor's plans for expansion have to be put on hold. Downs said district officials pulled the property from the market during the meeting Thursday night, preventing the church from moving in.

The district plans to eventually renovate the building and repurpose it for district use.

Downs says that while the church is disappointed, he is happy the building will no longer go unused.

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