Police, runners get ready for Garmin Marathon in Olathe

OLATHE, Kan. - The bombings at the Boston Marathon has local race officials and police carefully looking at safety procedures ahead of this weekend's Garmin Marathon in Olathe.

Several runners told 41 Action News that what happened is sad, but they still want to run and remember those in Boston.

Olathe police officers said they will be with them every step of the way, beefing up security.

Garmin employee Mike Mayfield is one of 3,000 people who've signed up for the race.

"I'm definitely going to do it, no hesitation," Mayfield said.

He said he's heartbroken by what happened in Boston but still plans to run Saturday, and he hopes his family comes out to watch him.

Ashley Arnold, Garmin race director, said Tuesday no one has dropped out of the race, and families are reaching out to see how they can help support their runners.

"I think now more than ever we have spectators there to cheer on the runners," she said.

Olathe police Sgt. Bryan Hill said the department trains in preparation for events that will draw big crowds.

"We do have an in-depth plan of action in place, we spend a great deal of time making sure we have all the appropriate response," he explained.

When Mayfield runs this weekend, he said he will be thinking of the victims and their families in Boston.

"Every single person has a story, and you think of their families, who's going to miss them, that's who I will think about during the race," he said.

Garmin also tells us two local Boston Marathon runners who did not finish the race will be running the rest of their marathon in Olathe this weekend.

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