Instead of a wedding celebration, family attended funeral

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Terry LaManno was laid to rest Thursday morning at St. Peter’s Church.  She was killed at Village Shalom Sunday while visiting her mother.

The alleged gunman, William Cross Frazier is being held in the Johnson County Detention Center on a 10 million dollar bond.

Friends and family describe LeManno as kind, selfless and giving,  and said Terry would ask for forgiveness.

“When this happens it’s so easy to lash out in anger, in vengeance, to lash out at those who will follow the trail this gentleman did.  But when the family reflected they knew Terri would say no,  the better way is through love and hope.  That is the message we give to you today for Terri LaManno,” Brian Fowler, LaManno family spokesperson, said.

LeManno was a mother of three and would have celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary this week.  A schlorship has been set up in her name at the Childrens Center for the Visually Impaired where she worked.

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