Mother of shooting victim awes vigil crowd with words of faith

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Hundreds filled St Thomas the Apostle Episcopalian Church. It was standing room only from the chapel to the stairs to the foyer.

The tears and hugs freely flowing as words of encouragement shared in the wake of the shootings at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom in Overland Park, Kan., Sunday afternoon.

Then the room filled with a gasp.

One woman, both the grieving mother and daughter of two of today's victims, spoke.

Supported by a friend, Mindy Corporon was strong.

“I am the daughter of the gentlemen who was killed and I am the mother of the son who was killed. I want to tell you how much I appreciate you all being here after hearing there was flog to be a vigil. We all grieve in different ways and I just wanted to tell people thank you.”

Corporon said she was able to tell them both she loved them that day. 

Friends from Blue Valley High School shared memories of the victims, while other teens shared their relief in making it through the ordeal. The teens shared their experience of locking themselves in a back room, hiding from the rampage, praying and tweeting to family.

After more than an hour, the night closed with a prayer. A moment of silence after a day full of pain.

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