Overland Park Boy Scout sells $6100 of popcorn, named region's top-seller

An Overland ParkĀ  Boy Scout has been named the top popcorn seller in the region for the fourth time in five years.

Nick Kost, 13, sold more than $6,100 worth of popcorn during a seven-week period in September and October.

His total is the highest in the entire Heart of America Council, which serves more than 30,000 scouts in 19 counties.

"I just like it," Kost said. "I like communicating with people."

He likes it, and he's good at it. He had sold more than $32,000 worth of popcorn in the last six years.

While many scouts setup up popcorn selling stands at area grocery stores, Kost prefers going door-to-door.

He says out of a row of 10 houses, he can get about two or three houses to buy from him.

"I knocked on about 2,000 houses," Kost said. "We go for six hours every Saturday and Sunday."

Right there with him were his parents, Patrick and Catherine Kost.

"We definitely get our exercise," Patrick said. "I walk to each door with him and (Catherine) drives along in the truck."

They're helping him, but he's also helping them. Kost gets to keep a percentage of the revenue to use for scout related expenses, like monthly camp outs, summer camp and food.

"Going door-to-door is a lot better than writing checks," Patrick said.

Kost has even raised enough money to pay his own way to Japan for the 2015 National Jamboree.

"It costs about $6,000 to go and only 20 to 40 kids from the Kansas City area will get to go," Catherine said.

The added bonus for Kost is the Jamboree coincides with his 15th birthday, and a trip to Japan seems like the perfect gift to give himself.

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