Overland Park business owners weigh in on open carry ordinance

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Business owners in Overland Park are speaking out about the new ordinance allowing gun owners to openly carry their weapons in public. While some say they don't mind if customers bring guns into their store, others say it will be bad for business.

On Monday, the Overland Park City Council voted 11-1 to allow people to carry guns as long as the firearms can be seen. Business owners can opt out if they do not want customer carrying heat in their stores.

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The owner of Dolton Flowers, Will Dolton, said he will welcome customers who are following the law.

"I would have no problem with someone carrying a gun in here," Flowers said. "As long as it's legal and they're trained properly, I would be fine."

Other business owners such as Benjamin Bradley Simms Sol, the owner of El Salvadoreño, said guns are not welcome in his restaurant.

"If I see someone walking in here with a pistol, I mean, just dangling out, of course it's going to strike fear in all of my customers and that's something that's not good for my business," he said.

The ordinance requires all handguns be kept in a holster at all times and the gun safety must to be engaged.

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