Overland Park Planning Commission puts multi-million dollar development proposal on hold

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Overland Park Planning Commission has tabled the proposed multi-million dollar development project. 

Block Development wants to build high-end apartments, offices and retail space on two sections of vacant land west of 69 Highway near College Boulevard.  The project would require re-zoning. After a four-hour public hearing Monday, the Planning Commission decided to take up the matter again on January 14.

At the meeting, the Planning Commission staffers presented a report recommending the project be rejected because it would require redirecting the natural path of a stream, which is against city rules.

The meeting was packed with almost 100 residents concerned about the project.  More than 20 residents testified at the public hearing.

Denice Posey said the project should be rejected because it could cause flooding and damage people's property values.

Dale Points said he believes the project is moving too fast and there's too much at stake.  He asked the Planning Commissioners to wait and allow the public to have more time to work-out problems.

Developer Ken Block showed a video during his presentation.  He described the project as beautiful building with plenty of green space for people to enjoy.

Block will have to wait until January to find out if the Planning Commission will approve his plan.

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