Overland Park police increase patrols after report of potential stranger danger

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Overland Park Police Department said it has upped the amount of patrols in the area of a potential stranger danger involving a middle school student.

According to the Shawnee-Mission School District, a student at Indian Hills Middle School was walking to a bus stop in the area of 80th and Glenwood on Oct. 16 when she was approached by a man in a white flatbed pickup truck.

The student described the driver as a man in his 40s with white hair and glasses and said the man offered her a ride.

The school reported the incident to police, who are increasing their patrols in the area.

The school district suggested parents review basic safety procedures with their children.

Parents in the Liberty School District were urged to do the same last week after a girl reported being attacked by a man with a knife near her bus stop.

The girl was not injured, but said she struggled with the man, who ripped her book bag from her shoulders before she was able to run away.

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