Overland Park woman shares benefits of CPR training, wins award

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - A local woman is using her experience to help others not feel helpless in an emergency.

Heather MacKenzie jumped into action earlier this summer after her neighbor collapsed in his yard.

She performed CPR and was able to get a pulse. Even though the man died several days later, his family was able to say goodbye.

MacKenzie said the experience drove her to make sure others have CPR training.

"I had a host of emotions as a result of trying to help my neighbor. And it was important to me to turn those emotions into actions," MacKenzie said. "And the actions to me meant not just getting recertified for myself but encouraging others to do so. And I'm not done now."

The Overland Park Fire Department presented MacKenzie with a "Heart Saver" award for her actions.

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