Witnesses describe scene at Jewish Community Center

Shooting left 3 people dead

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Panic and fear ripped through the parking lot of the Jewish Community Center on Sunday afternoon, after reports of a gunman in the area.

Three people were killed after a shooter opened-fire in two different locations. It all started around 1 p.m. when Overland Park Dispatch received reports of shots fired at the Jewish Community Center, located at W. 115th St. in Overland Park, Kan.

The center was immediately placed on lockdown, as dozens of teens and children were inside, auditioning for KC Superstars.

One couple described the situation, saying at first they thought it was severe weather. “We were walking back out to the parking lot. We just rushed into the theater,” said Jeff and Avery Gray. “People were ducking down, yelling at us to get inside.”  

When police arrived at the center, they found two male victims: one died at the scene, the other later died at Overland Park Regional Hospital; both of apparent gunshot wounds.  These two victims have now been identified as Dr. William Lewis Corporon and Reat Griffin Underwood (Losen). The third victim has not been identified.

Another witness told 41 Action News photographer Eric Schultz that the shooter missed him by an inch while shooting out his car window.

"I was driving this direction and he was over there, shooting the other direction with maybe an air rifle or something. And I thought maybe he was just messing around and then all of a sudden, BAM,” Mark Brodkey said.

Brodkey told another driver in the area, “There’s a shooting. There’s a guy with a rifle here shooting at people.” When asked by another driver if he should leave, Brodkey said, “I would leave.”

Minutes later, police received a call of a second set of shots fired at Village Shalom, an assisted living center, located at W. 123rd St., about eight blocks from the center. There they found one woman dead from an apparent gunshot wound.

"We immediate understood we had an active shooter and went into our active shooter protocols and began search for him with the best information we had,” law enforcement officials said later in a press conference.

Police later arrested a suspect in the parking lot of Valley Park Elementary School, located at 123 and Lamar Ave., in Overland Park. Reporters in the area say they heard the suspect yell an anti-sematic remark.  The suspect has been identified by NBC News as Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr. Cross is said to have a Missouri address.

Officials said they do not believe the shooter knew any of the victims. Police believe the shooter used a shotgun, and possibly a handgun and assault rifle.  

No official charges have been made.

The Jewish Community Center will be closed on Monday.

We will continue to follow this story. 

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