Pain of baby Lana's loss sinks in for small Kansas town

OTTAWA, Kan. - As the sun set over the small town of Ottawa, a crowded started to form at Forest Park.

A week's worth of bad news is sinking in.

"It's really hurting. Everybody is feeling the hurt. It's very unusual for something like this to happen in a small town like Ottawa," said resident Tina Briggs.

She didn't know the four victims who were killed at a farm in Franklin County, but said that doesn't matter. When a 18-month-old like missing Lana Bailey is presumed murdered, you feel the pain.

"How could someone every do that to a little (girl) ... and her big beautiful blue eyes? You can't every forget that face," Briggs said.

Among those shedding tears and sharing hugs was Sasha Woods, who went to high school with Lana's mother, Kaylie Bailey. Kaylie was one of the victims found dead at the farm this week, including 30-year-old Andrew Stout, 31-year-old Steven White. Lana's body has not been found, but police say she's presumed dead.

Kyle Flack, 27, was charged in all four deaths Friday afternoon.

"I'm still numb and shocked and in disbelief that she's gone," Woods said. "It's been terribly difficult. It's been horrible. It's been like a nightmare. It's been all of those things."

But through the pain comes a flicker of hope. And nearly 200 reasons to stay strong.

"It still gives me hope for humanity," Woods said. "With so many sick people out there, everyone coming together here, you supporting all of the victims, all of those involved, it's just amazes me."

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