Argentine, Kan., hopes Walmart Neighborhood Market moves in

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A WalMart Neighborhood Market was chased out of Raytown, Kan. Neighbors in Waldo, Mo., are fighting to keep it out. But in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Kansas City, Kan., neighbors are welcoming it with open arms.

"I think everything needs improving around here. We have a lot of problems," Argentine resident Soumara Mayard said.

She is one of many people in the low-income neighborhood without a car. On Friday, Mayard had to walk with her three kids in the summer heat to and from a doctor's appointment. If she needs a car, it takes coordination.
"I do shop at Price Chopper, but also I have to find a way to get there," Mayard said.

Soon, getting groceries in Argentine could be a whole lot easier.

Walmart plans to build a 41,000-square-foot grocery store at the corner of 24th Street and Metropolitan Avenue. It's just a block from Mayard's home.

"That would be really great, I'm excited right now. I can't wait!" she said.

Argentine is considered a "food desert," which is an area without access to groceries.

On August 15, Unified Government commissioners could help put an end to that. That's when they'll vote on a tax increment financing project plan and development agreement for the site.

If both are approved, Unified Government economic development officials said construction could start immediately.

It's all part of a bigger project called "La Plaza Argentine," which could spur even more retail growth.

A smaller grocery store is under construction right now just down Metropolitan Avenue. Save-A-Lot broke ground earlier this year.

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