Wyandotte County, Kan., struggles to agree under new leadership

WYANDOTTE COUNTY, Mo. - Filling the empty seat on the board of commissioners has become a headache for city leaders and city residents of Wyandotte County, Kan.

"They're not going to work together," resident Shirley Ikerd said.

Ikerd has lived in Wyandotte County for more than a decade and is losing faith in her elected officials.

"They're fussing and arguing," she said.

For two months, commissioners have been trying to choose who will fill the at-large seat for the first district.

They narrowed the search to Developer Don Budd and former commissioner Nathan Barnes. But after two meetings and four votes, the commissioners couldn't agree, yet they say they work well together.

"This commission is a very good commission," Mike Kane, District 5 Commissioner, said.

"I don't think we're a split commission. We're not enemies. We don't have issues with each other at this point," District 4 Commissioner Tarence Maddox said.

But that's not how Ikerd sees it.

"They're only together now because they want to portray to the citizens and that we're all good guys working together, but they're not," Ikerd said.

The commissioners have a few options. They can continue to go back and forth on the current candidates, suggest two different candidates or leave the seat vacant until 2015, when the seat is up for election.

The mayor suggested selecting two new candidates, but his motion failed and the meeting ended with no solution and no direction.

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