Wyandotte County to receive grant money from CDC for health initiatives

Ranks 101st out of 105 KS counties

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Wyandotte County is an extremely unhealthy area.

According to the America’s Health Rankings for 2014, it ranks 101st out of 105 counties in Kansas for measures such as the amount of people who are sick and those who don't or can't exercise.

Now the county is getting $1.6 million from the CDC to help buck the trend.

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"We're going to be working with local clinics, local hospitals, to talk about how do we get people really engaged with their medicine and adhering to their prescriptions, monitoring their blood pressure, getting involved in exercise programs. We are going to be looking at electronic health records and how do we really bolster that system,” said Jesyca Rodenberg, with Community Health Council of Wyandotte County.

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With the promise of cutting back on obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, the Community Health Council will manage the grant called 1422 of $1.6 million for the next three years.

They are also partnering with KU's School of Architecture, Design and Planning at a new office space at 611 N. 6th Street in Kansas City, Kan., to focus on how the environment affects people's health.

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"How many people in Wyandotte County have access to fresh, healthy food? What can we do to increase that number? How many people in Wyandotte County have access to safe places to walk or resources for physical activity?” she asked. 

On Tuesday, the council handed the first check of $1,500 to RevolveKC, which donates bicycles to families in need. The organization only needs $10 to give away one bike. The check will fund 150 bicycles.



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