Abuse allegations shut down Blue Springs day care

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - We're learning more about the Blue Springs day care shut down after a mother complained her child was injured there.

Neighbors say the 17-month-old has been in and out of the hospital all week after his first day at Mary's Little Lambs Day Care went horribly wrong. This is no new day care, operating for more than 20 years.

"Two or three times a day, we would hear kids screaming," neighbor Wayne Rabe said.

He and his family spent the last two years living across the street from the day care, and he's not surprised by the allegations.

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Documents show Mary Douglas admitted to putting a rope over the 17-month-old child when he wouldn't nap.

Later while cooking lunch, she told officials she held him in time out with her arm and leg. While struggling, the child hit his head on kitchen cabinet knobs.

Another child told officials Douglas slapped the 17-month-old.

When his mother came to get him, he had red swollen marks on his face. Douglas admits she apologized.

"They should come in and inspect the place," Rabe said in disbelief.

But officials have been there. The day care, licensed since 1990, was last inspected in October 2012. That inspection went well enough to renew their license for two more years. That license has been immediately suspended and revoked.

Rabe said Douglas tried to enroll their toddler when they first moved in.

"Just something not right," he said. "When you have that feeling like that, especially about your kids, you've got to trust your gut instinct and we always knew something was wrong."

According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, getting a Missouri child care license takes months and requires an investigation.

Keeping it means getting at least three inspections per year from different agencies.

Mary Douglas has until the end of June to appeal, or she could be placed on the state-wide Family Care Safety

Registry designed to warn potential employers or clients like parents.

If you want to check on a possible day care provider, call 1-866-422-6872.

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